Hi all! A bit ago I wrote a post about how I was going to Cuba and that I was worried. I'm leaving tonight, so I thought I would say goodbye for a week and remind you about the book reading we are doing.

Well, I just finished shaving my legs (post to come when I return, it was a very interesting experience!) and I just finished packing and we leave as soon as I get home from work tonight, so I won't get to see you guys for a week. I'm pretty nervous. My partner said nothing about this whole thing until two days ago she says:

"I'm kind of scared to go to Cuba."

Me: "Me too. Why for you?"

Her: "Well, I'm afraid I'm going to go off on someone and my family will get all pissed."

Me: "Don't say that! I've never been to a resort hun, but my worst fear is that it will be a walled garden of concentrated oblivious financial and white privilege and that it won't be two minutes before someone says something racist, sexist or homophobic, etc. that makes me get all stabby. I'm afraid it will all be too much and by the end of the week someone really will get stabbed."

Her: "It's going to be exactly like that."

Me: :(

If it gets too crazy, I'll know right away and start taking notes. I want to write a post about my adventures when I return. See you all later.


I will miss you dearly!

Edit: I just put my jeans onto freshly shaved legs for the first time in 20 years. Sooooo strange.