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I'm off to Milwaukee for a Conference

It's finally here! MMLA is happening and I'm giving my first paper at a regional conference tomorrow morning at something like 8:30 in the morning (too fucking early if you ask me).

I'll be giving a paper on the representation of Moses in the Old English Illustrated Hexateuch. It's partly about his representation and what he meant in an Anglo-Saxon context and partly about practices of temporal imperialism through translation (which I'm in the beginning stages of writing a paper outlining just what that is). Check out one of the images I'm using:


That's Moses, with the horns. The horns were added by someone much later, though, and aren't originally part of the manuscript.

Since I won't have computer access during this, I'll have to wait for the weekend to tell everybody how it went. Feel free to post questions here and I'll reply when I get back.


My final slide image, which goes more on the point of the temporal colonialism through translation:


The horns on Moses here are originally part of the manuscript. They come from the Vulgate's mistranslation of Hebrew קָרַן (qaran - shining) for Latin cornuta (horned).

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