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I'm officially a grad student! Yay! Yay?

I enrolled in my classes for my part time MPA program this morning, so I’m officially a student again! Yay! I think, haha. I’m excited but nervous. I have a question for the grad students and teachers of GT.

I have a vacation planned in 2017 that would have me missing one class. I could cancel it and I obviously will if I’d be missing something major (test, presentation, etc), but I’d like to NOT cancel it— it’s Hawaii! So I am writing an email to the professor. Here’s a draft:

Good afternoon,

I’m a new Spring 2017 MPA student and I’m enrolled in two of your classes next semester: X Class and Y Class.


I wanted to check in with you right away about a planned vacation I have next year. A relative is having a milestone birthday celebration in Hawaii from XX Date to YY Date. Based on the tentative schedule, it looks like I’d be missing at least one class (Class X - XX Date). I would have my computer and internet access, so completing online requirements while there would not be a problem.

School is a top priority, so if this absence would greatly impact my semester or be an inconvenience for you, I completely understand. Please let me know if my taking this time off would be unworkable.


I look forward to meeting you in January.

Thanks very much for your consideration,


Does this sound okay? GT teachers, would this make you completely hate me? I feel bad because I’m a brand new student already asking for a favor, but this vacation is already planned and I’d feel terrible if I didn’t at least try to make it work. Any advice? 


Here’s a cat for your time:

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