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So. Some of you may have noticed that the food article that was just shared wasn't, in fact, shared from my personal blog, or (probably) from anyplace you've seen before. It was shared from Kitchenette; a new sub-blog of the Jezebel mainpage devoted to everything food. As part of Gawker Media's Recruits program, Jezebel has hired me to write Kitchenette in the hopes that I won't totally and completely screw it up. Personally, I think they're betting long odds, but maybe my deep and abiding hatred for tomatoes will somehow be the Step 2 that leads to Step 3: Profit. Either way, we're going to find out.

Any minor success I have attained in getting this gig, and any success I attain through it in the future, will be credited entirely to you guys. GT is the place where people actually acknowledged my stupid, over-the-top rants, and without that, I wouldn't have kept writing them. I'm still trying to process the fact that for the first time in my life, I'm being paid to talk words good, and I owe that to you. GT is where my soul lives, and it always will be. You guys are THE FUCKING BEST.


Here's the kicker: I need your help again. In order for this to be a long-term thing rather than a short-term deal, I need as many articles as I post on Kitchenette (and there will be a lot of them) shared to as many places by as many people as I can possibly get. I'll share them to GT/CT (unless Slay/Celia/chritter indicate that that's a no-no), so don't worry about that, but Facebook, Twitter, wherever else — I need as much help as you guys are kind enough to provide. Look, you guys have been better to me than I ever deserved already, and I don't have any right to be asking for your help again. But I'm asking it all the same, because I want this to be a success more than I can say. Also, forgive me for the fact that I'm going to bump this again tonight when I get home from my other job so that as many people see it as possible (I know, self-aggrandizement is not becoming).

Going along with this is the fact that you guys won't be seeing me all that often on GT (I know; like three of you are legit unhappy, half of you just rejoiced, and the rest just shrugged indifferently) — I need to focus as much creative energy as possible on Kitchenette (besides which, I'm still working said other job). But I'll be reading GT as much as I can, and commenting as much as I'm able. A lot of you know this already, but anyone else who wants to reach me outside of GT can get me at WilyUbertrout@gmail.com or on Twitter @EyePatchGuy. Don't be shy, and don't be strangers.

I fucking adore you, GT. More than you will ever know.

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