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This isn't an impending conversation, but I am of the age when all of my friends are posting millions of baby pictures and/or stating their stance on childless living.


Honestly, when it comes to the pros and cons of baby making, I don't have a strong argument for either. Perhaps in a few years, I'll have a firmer grasp on what I want, but right now I have that nagging feeling of indecisiveness paired with the tick tick tick biological clock.


Basic human need to create new life and build future generations.

Experiencing the nurturing of a human life that isn't me.

Kids can be awesome. I could be a contributor of awesome kids and therefore awesome people.


Not being completely alone in life in old age after my other person passes.


I watched a thing with a dad who had a son with epilepsy who was desperate for treatment that would work. I seriously have a hard time wrapping my head around having to deal with anything that difficult.


Kids can be awful. Perhaps not my kid, but other kids I have no control over could be awful to my kid. Or my kid could be awful. I don't want to contribute that to society.

I'm finally in a place in life where I feel like a human with autonomy. I have a hard time imagining giving some of that up after having a person to care for 24/7 for 18+ years.


I have friends who have always wanted children, as well as those who have established fulfilling lives without kids. I have one who has nothing else to talk about but her children. I also have a friend I supported when she found out she was pregnant and wanted to terminate, she ended up having the baby and now can't imagine life without him. Perhaps being on the fence is where I'll remain unless something crazy happens.

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