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I'm Preparing For A Makeup Spree

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I wrote an article a while back that mentioned being excited over finding makeup for brown folks.Well, I'm going on a mini shopping spree next week for makeup stuff. My wish list goes like this:
1. Face powder( haaaaard to find in my tone anywhere else but Africa)
2. Concealer( so excited about this! I have had dark circles since forever)
3. Shimmery eyeshadow that won't go on chalky
4. This awesome lipstick my host mother has that's green but turns berry pink when on the lips.


Am I missing any face makeup basics? I haven't really tried with stuff like face powder and concealer because it's been hard to find one that didn't look chalky on me or look too light under my dark eye circles.Also, what eyeshadow color should I go with?My instincts sway towards a simple gold color, but I've been seeing ladies really rock sparkly purple eyeshadow around here. Ladies in Dakar have great makeup game, and I've been wanting to catch up.The first step is getting my basics together.Thanks in advance for the advice!

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