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If you are grossed out by medical stuff, this is not the post for you.

I'm working on sanding down a dresser so we can restain it, and I have the drawers in my garage standing up on edge. That's error 1. I completely forgot I had such a precarious setup going on, and when I went into the garage to get something I knocked one over directly onto the fourth toe of my left foot. I immediately sat down and started bawling and then both Dog A and Dog B wanted to sniff my toe and that made me more upset.

Dudes, it's been an hour and a half and it won't stop throbbing. I keep wanting to touch it to see if I can move things around and push things back together (this would be more foolishness). Neither dog is speaking to me right now because I rejected their concern and they are overly sensitive pit bulls.


The last time I did something so traumatic to my toe was when one of my cows stepped on it while I was wearing flip flops. No, wait, I totally ripped a huge chunk out of my toe back in the winter and had to get a tetanus shot. I have all kinds of ridiculous toe/foot related injuries and every last one has been of my own making.

Since I'm pregnant the only thing I can do is pop a tylenol and ice it and sulk and beg for gifs.

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