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I'm Pretty Ticked. TW for creepy crawlies and bed bugs

SO my lovely husband teaches at an inner-city school. And they've had recurring problems with students having bedbugs. Which, okay, not terrible in a school setting, but it's recurring, like I said. AND several of the students ride the buses (most do) which have plush seats and are also used by the elementary students. So basically they're potentially spreading them to tons of homes. Extermination of bed bugs is upwards of $1,000.

AND today they fumigated the one section of the school, right by the cafeteria, while the students and faculty were in the building. That shit is bad for you! The union is all up-in-arms, understandably, and wants them to either cancel school and exterminate, or do it over the weekend. No dice, administration sent home a letter and they're doing it during school tomorrow. Dis me:

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