About this article on the main page. Maybe someone can explain things a bit more because I'm just...not understanding a lot regarding Plan B itself, the weight limitations and an apparent issue regarding birth control pills.

I understand the basic point being made, that Plan B is less/not effective for women over a certain weight. But I don't understand how that's possible. And I'm also really shocked/confused at the weight frame for being deemed obese.

I'm around 150-160 lbs. A decent amount of it is muscle and stored in my lower body. I'm pretty healthy overall. I know I'm overweight but pushing obese? That's preposterous. A ton of the women who go to my brother's CrossFit gym are around my weight and are obviously not obese, hell they have like 15% body fat. That's just absolutely insane to me.

Someone in the comments on the Jez article stated that birth control pills are not as effective if you're overweight. I have never heard this and I've been on the pill since I'm 15. I've also been overweight and on the pill and I've never heard this. My sister who is heavier than I am has been on the patch forever and has never been told this. Neither of us has had a pregnancy scare, either. Our birth controls work fine for us. Most women I know are around my weight (some less, some more) and plenty are on some form of HBC and have never had an issue. Is it really true that being overweight makes it less effective? Because that's absolutely terrifying if that's true!

Just...help me understand. I really can't convey how much all of this made me herp my derp. I...what the fuck.