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I'm Really Freaked Out

TW: Burglary

I live on the second floor of a triple decker. I drove into my driveway (which already had 5 cars in it) about an hour ago and scared away a man who had just ripped the screen off of one of the windows on a first floor bedroom. All of the lights in the bedroom were on and the woman inside was on phone with her boyfriend. Her glass window was open, so he ripped off the screen and tried to get in. We called the police an hour ago and they aren't here yet. I'm home alone and really, really scared. It doesn't help that someone kicked in the back door and robbed the entire building about a year ago. I hope this is coherent. All of my friend are asleep and I don't know what to do.


eta. Cops just left. They showed up an hour and ten minutes after we called. I got the name of the lieutenant to complain to about that. They think it was teenagers trying to rob us-in and out quickly. They went from us to the house across the street (tried the back door, it was locked) to the house next to that. All three houses called it around the same time and got no response. I live in a medium sized city, so I don't know what the problem is. I'm feeling better knowing it was just a burglar. That's not what I was thinking initially. Thanks for listening you guys. It was an ENORMOUS help.

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