Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have a major presentation tomorrow. It’s sort of the culmination of two years. My first draft was awful. My advisor seems really (really) happy with my current one. My boyfriend helped me make my slides look super good (with subtley time period appropriate typeface)! But. Oh my god I’m so nervous I’m already shaking.

There’s a twenty minute question and answer period afterwards. I feel like I’m going to go blank and forget how to speak. My word count is also a little over - it’ll be closer to a 25 minute presentation than 20 minutes, and while my advisor doesn’t want me to cut as little as possible I’m convinced everyone’s gonna hate me for going long. I usually love presentations and public speaking (my job involves speaking to large groups about complex topics and I’m great at it and love it) but right now I’m SO nervous.


How do I cope with being this nervous, I already want to cry and my teeth are chattering and it’s not even the day of.

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