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I'm really not sure how I feel about these...

I've gotten little bags of the 3 good flavours to try. Wasabi and ginger is not a flavour. In my world, that's just torture. Somebody else can offer an opinion on those.

The cappuccino flavoured ones were entirely gross. My neighbour tried them with me, and we were both Nope-ing right away. My 13 year old agreed with me, saying that those were "wildly nasty". 15 y.o will usually eat anything that isn't red-hot or nailed down, so he was thrilled to get the rest.


I haven't tried the Bacon Mac'n'cheese ones yet, so... on to the main event!

These mango ones... I dunno, man. They are, at first blush, way too sweet. But if you eat a couple of them, trying to figure out if you actually like them or not, the spicy flavour of the salsa comes through, and balances out the sweet. And if you eat the whole little bag, you'll be left with a happily warm (not hot, just warm) mouth, still not entirely sure if you like them or not, and the urge to run to Walmart and get just one more little bag to make sure.

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