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I'm really proud of Canada's enthusiasm for welcoming Syrian refugees

I read this in the paper today, and have been seeing similar articles almost daily. On Facebook, the idiots seem to have curtailed their hate speech (or at least learned to hide it). I haven’t seen any anti-refugee posts in weeks. Comments online show that there are still plenty of people who are finding excuses to be against immigrants, but it’s definitely not an attitude that anyone shares verbally. So many people are helping in any way they can: I know of a bunch of churches that are sponsoring families on their own, and my friends have been reporting that a lot of their workplaces are doing fundraisers. Sometimes I get the feeling that people might be getting a little too happy about this situation (Look at us being awesome!) and fishing a little hard for grateful responses from the refugees, but on the whole it’s nice to see the population working together like this.


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