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I'm really upset, and kind of humiliated.

So, today was the last I was going to see Indian Guy on the regular. He asked me to come hang out with him in the afternoon and we just talked about our lives, he told me a lot about his family members, family habits, religion, etc. I was feeling so good about all of that. He was being open in a way he'd never been before and his knees were touching mine. Then, in the middle of conversation he said, in a most neutral tone "So, I'm getting married before the summer is over."

I repeated what he said and he said, "Yeah," and kept talking without changing his tone. So, after months of us getting close and me really liking him, I start hearing the words "my fiancee" every other sentence.

I already cried. I hadn't realized how much I like him. I don't understand why after months, almost a year of never even mentioning a girlfriend, he tells me he is planning a traditional Indian wedding for hundreds, yes, hundreds of people.


Now he just texted me to ask how I am. I really don't believe he never noticed my feelings before, and how I was upset after he broke the news to me; he is very smart and perceptive. I'm not sure I should respond to his text, although I really want to talk to him, no matter what.

Should I tell him I'm upset with these news? Should I at least ask why he never told me about his impending wedding? Should I pretend I don't care? Sever all contact? I don't want that.

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