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I'm sad

I had a fight with Mr. Misfit last night and it didn't get fully resolved. Usually we resolve the issue productively... but this wasn't productive. I don't feel like hashing out the details. He doesn't think that any relationship stands a chance because his parents split when he was 14. Even though my parents (and many other couples) have been married for 30 years and my grandparents >50, living proof that he's wrong and acting emotionally. I'm sick of him still using that as an excuse for his occasional nihilistic attitude (I just don't think I can be with anyone... blah, blah... really? Then what have the last eight and a half successful years been? Why is your brother getting married?) when he has never sought help. He made an appointment with a therapist over the summer but they "cancelled" on him and he never rescheduled or sought out anyone else.

I'm sad. Cheer me up, GT, please?


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