I'm trying to motivate myself to pack and get my apartment ready for tomorrow—I'm leaving for 3 weeks for a great trip with my family. But I can't. I mentioned yesterday that I broke up with this guy I was seeing for 2 months because of a lack of a future due to different religious beliefs. Tonight he was supposed to come over to say goodbye and get a few things (and return a few things of mine). Our last conversation—where we decided to stop seeing each other—was short and sudden. We agreed that we would see each other one last time. But today, he told me that he didn't think it was a good idea. I really wanted some kind of closure and to just enjoy each other's company one last time before it was really over, and I'm feel more heart-broken than I guess I should considering it was such a short relationship. But things were just so perfect between us, we acknowledged that we both really could have fallen in love with each other, if it hadn't been for the religion issue. I guess I've never broken up with someone I still really wanted to be with. I'm hoping these three weeks away will help me to get some perspective and help to heal these wounds faster than if I was at home, doing my normal thing.