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My neighbors left one of their cats outside in our garden. Apparently they don't want her because she is mean/crazy.....

So, my stupid bleeding heart has spent time trying to get her to trust me, little by little. I can't afford her, so I just do what I can to give her attention and love. They are feeding her. I know she isn't fixed but I can barely get by myself, so I truly can't help. It pisses me off. I don't want to call the pound, I don't know what to do. I just was outside, and I decided to pick her up. She was so cuddly and awesome. She makes weird noises like she is pissed, but she was snuggling up in a ball in my arms. She always kind of growls and gives those warning sounds, but she will do it even when she is coming back for more pets. Well, after I let her down, she lunged up a bit me! Fuck! I have no insurance. I washed it out really well, and it stings like a bitch. Am I going to get rabies? Holy shit, I am freaking out a bit. Help!


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