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Welcome To The Bitchery

What happens now? I am active in local politics. I am active in everything that I can be that helps the world be a better tomorrow. I battled ignorant people who came near me. I bloody voted for Clinton because she was supposed to be my President.

What do I tell my nieces and nephews who are crying that they do not want to be sent to Mexico?


What do I tell my LGBTQ friends??? One of them already has been attacked by someone who is gloating. They have their dna on them. (He was spit on and told he is a dirty Mexican french cigarette *at work can’t curse.* )

What do I tell my employees? They are asking me what this means for their future. They’re basically kids. I’m close to 10 years older than most of them and in the same boat.


What do I say when I am in a position at work that I cannot show emotion in because all I want to do is cry? I have to lead these people through this immensely turbulent time. I don’t even know how to face my mom.

If the insurance companies get to go back to denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions or because you’re sick.


I will lose coverage. My mom will lose coverage.

My taller half. His struggle to come to America.

His family.

Will they be sent back? We have already had to shield the children from hate in his family because they are predominately Spanish speaking.


The first 100 days could be the last for so many people. I’m sick of people gloating at me. I’m sick of people telling me to think rational and know that there are advisers that will tell Trump no.

You’re white.

I am not.

I’m scared.

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