Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well, the secret is out. I am laughing at you.

All those people who get super angry at children who scream and cry and give those glances of


"Get that baby under control."

"How dare it communicate in the only manner available to it!"

I am laughing at you. Your logic is so flawed that you think that baby gives a fuck about what you think. Nope, it doesn't. It doesn't give two fucks that its cry bothers you. It's a fucking baby. In fact, neither does that 1 year old, or even that 5 year old. They don't give a fuck.


I have no children, and I was one of these people, and now that everyone I know spawned and I am constantly exposed to their plague spreading crying machines. I totally think it's funny.

I know parent type people you might be embarrassed. Don't be. Kids cry. It doesn't matter what you say, if something is out of line, they will freak the fuck out about it.

Eventually, you will either be that parent that you were so pissed at, or you will transform into me who doesn't care.

ETA: Context is everything. This is about being stuck in transit when it is impossible for either party to move.

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