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I'm Seriously Considering Getting a Dog.

My husband's a contractor, and by law is required to take 100 days off for every 365 days he works on a contract. His 100 days is coming up in September. And my own job doesn't care where I work, so long as I am productive. ("I don't care if you only 'work' two hours a day if you're getting everything you need done.")

We have a decent-sized corner lot with a fence (it needs some work - there are some holes by the stream), but we also have four cats and not a lot of knowledge of doggie care. My plan is to use a lot of training and positive reinforcement, and to spend as much time as I can with the pup to ensure a good, trusting bond. My choice will be to leave the dog unattended as little as possible. I don't want to be one of those people who tosses their dog into the backyard and comes back two days later and goes, "Huh, where'd he go this time..."


There are still going to be days where it poops in the house, though, right? Things like that make me nervous. I can scoop a litterbox but I've never had to reach down and grab a dog turd through a plastic bag before.

Do you have any tips or good resources for first-time potential dog owners?

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