Hi, GT! It has come to my attention that I need a tablet. It will be useful in my job, where I occasionally have to take to the internets to look up recipes and substitutions and whatnot. It will also be helpful in my goofing-off hours when I am not near my computer but still need to do stuff that is annoying to do on the phone.

Apparently, the way my position is set up at work, I might be able to write it off on my taxes. I'll have to have the accountant clarify that, but either way, 'twould be a useful thing to have in my life.

I currently own an Android phone, so it makes sense that I would get an Android tablet. It does NOT need to be 3G or 4G or whatever, since I can jump on wi-fi when necessary, and god knows I don't need to be paying for a data plan on yet another thingy.

But what to get? What's the benefit of a 16G vs. an 8G? I'm not THAT old, but there are times when I feel like someone's grandma because I don't always fully understand what You Kids are talking about.

Explain and suggest!