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I'm sick....


When I get sick, even if it is just a sore throat, I become miserable. I become needy, whiny, and start making funeral plans(if you come to my funeral you must be wearing purple and black. Also meatballs from an old family recipe(I'm talking from the old country family recipe)will be served.) because I know I will likely die from whatever is ailing me.

I become mean and more incoherent than usual when I am sick. I bother my brother every 10 minutes instead of every 2 hours to let him know his big sister is dying and he must spend time with me right now(he usually rolls his eyes and say no. Why we moved into the same apartment together I will never know.) I become mad that people I take care of all the time can't even bother to bring me some food(it's really hard to eat on $0.36). I start my "IDGAF about your feelings" and start doing aggressive take downs of even the simplest microaggression in person. So at least you don't know me irl, right?

So for the next two days if I seem mean or random or just plain weirder than usual...oh well, I'm sick. This should be fun seeing as I go back to work tonight. Me being sick+patients at a mental institution+coworkers that are lazy=fun/disaster. Can't call in because it looks like I am ditching today for 3 days off and it counts against you even with a doctor's not so yay me, NOT! I'm just going to try to stay away from everyone.

Also, this was on the internet today:


I just thought you should know.....

But guise:


Remember when I posted about work troubles? It has been taken care of by the head boss. The nurse in question has not said no word to me and there has been no other reports of my name floating around. They have however turn their sights on some other people. Why people who are older enough to be my Grandmother/Mother(we are talking mid-fifties to sixties here) are acting like High Schoolers is beyond me....


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