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I'm sick and delirious

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And it's been making me forgetful and have mad crazy dreams.

I locked myself out of my apartment building when I ordered a pizza the other day, and I got a nice scolding from the maintenance lady for it. Had the buzzer been updated to work with cell phones, this wouldn't have been an issue. But at least I had pizza?


Today, I forgot my purse in my unlocked car for a full 5 hours. If I didn't remember I had a bottle of grape juice I wanted to finish, my purse probably would have been ransacked for my $12 in cash.

My dreams have included riding a bus down a roller coaster, being late for middle school, and getting high with Zooey Deschanel. All of my dreams have made me wake up late and just barely make it to work on time.


I haven't been working overtime this week, I know my limitations. But still, we are swamped and I feel bad about not pushing myself for 1 extra hour per day. I don't know why I'm posting this, I'm just whining at this point. Tell me about the best thing you've ever done in a dream?

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