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I'm sick and I had stuff to doooo. D;

I don't like it.

This is most likely do the fact that I don't sleep, but WHATEVER. I'm just going to blame Mr. Fishnets who got sick first.


I'm just majorly annoyed because I had apartment hunting stuff to do. I had to cancel completely on one realtor, who I think is kind of pissed with me about it. He sent me a text that said "Everyone's sick!" and I'm just thinking "Yeah, whatever dude. But I'm not getting out of bed."

Thankfully, my roommate's being awesome and going to look at one of the other places tonight and made another appointment for Wednesday (and we're going to see stuff from grumpy guy tomorrow). I'm kind of hopeful about the place tonight. It's right near where Mr. Fishnets lives, and all the utilities are included. The downside is that it's all the way out in Brooklyn (Flatbush), but I know from Mr. Fishnets that it's pretty easy to get into the city (plus, you can catch an express train that either goes up the east side or the west side in Manhattan). Plus, all the utilities are included.

I still wish I was there to see it, but Roommate will take video and Mr. Fishnets is going with him. So there's that.

I still have to get my shit together and do laundry though. Ugh ugh ugh.

Please distract me with gifs and amusing things.

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