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I'm sick of my bad habits. I could use some health advice/shared stories.

I've never been good about sticking to a healthy lifestyle, food-wise. I have all the right tools yet somehow I continually blow it. I have good education on nutrition; I was raised on nutritious food and do crave it; I have the financial means, the time, and the talent to cook healthy, nutritious meals (I'm a motherfucking beast in the kitchen).

I'm not the worst. I don't eat fast food or fried food, and I steer clear of packaged snack foods and dessert (I don't have much of a taste for them). I drink my coffee black without sugar, and don't consume soft drinks. I'm not a heavy booze drinker, either.

Have any of you experienced the following mindset/issues?

My main issue is, I'm very all-or-nothing. I can't seem to handle moderation. I either "am watching what I eat" or I'm "not watching what I eat." If I have been good all week, and go to a party and get drunk and eat cheese fries, it will take me weeks or months to get "back on the wagon" of eating like a reasonable person. No matter how much I say, "Melissa, you just need to use moderation. Just because you failed yesterday, doesn't mean you can't win today," I still just STOP CARING INSTANTLY.


I want to lose weight but I really just want to be healthy. I want to have habits that keep me from constantly gaining. When I am "being good" I have energy and confidence and when I am larding out on the couch with chips and dip I feel like shit.

I know the obsession (or on-and-off obsession) is a little disordered. And believe me when I say, that my weight and appearance are only minor factors here - I have always been able to find good things when I look in the mirror. But does anyone have any advice on how to change your lifestyle, for real? Any success stories out there?

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