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Maybe you already heard about this. Basically, Brian Holloway (who used to play for the NFL) owns a vacation home. Over Labor Day weekend, three hundred area kids broke in, threw a party and trashed the place. It was thoroughly documented on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to name a few.

Among the damages: "They broke windows, spray painted and made holes in the walls, urinated on the carpets, scarred the wood floors by dragging kegs across them. They left their party garbage behind."

Adding insult to injury, the "teens stole the headstone of his grandson that died at birth."


*rage aneurysm*

Holloway has been reposting a bunch of their pics and names in order to ID all of the perps. The parents have threatened a lawsuit b/c the they claim he is ruining their kids' chances of getting into college.

Fucking karma, assholes. Deal. With. It.

Unless someone presents a compelling argument for why each and every one of these little shits shouldn't be publicly shamed, I think Holloway is in the right and the parents should stop doubling-down on being enabling asshats.

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