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As a relative newcomer to this beautiful city, I know my understanding of local problems is often superficial. But goddamn.

There was an armed robbery last night at a restaurant that I can see from my house. Two nights ago someone just coming home from work got robbed at gunpoint in front of my friend’s house nearby.

I live alone. I have no off-street parking, and we have no alley on this side of the street. Sometimes I have to park as much as two blocks away. There are two duplexes in my block currently empty but not for long, it’s only going to get more competitive.


A much fancier friend’s home was invaded several weeks ago and her house is like Ft Knox.

So far my strategy has been to keep the place looking shitty and trashy from the front and taking my shoes off before getting out of the car.

There’s nowhere to move to in this beautiful city to avoid guns. I can’t believe I’m considering another fucking move just to have a better place to park. Fuck.

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