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I'm So Drunk You Guise!

Doods! It turns out that my new job is so awesome because my boss is a feminist. We stayed up late after work drinking and talking about feminist shit. She told me about all the fucking sexist assholes she has thrown out of the restaurant for disrespecting the female staff. I love this woman. She has zero fucks to give and takes no shit. Fucking amazing.

I barely ever drink so I'm just destroyed right now after a couple pints and a glass of red. Finally home. Wow. So drunk! Thank you red squiggly lines for pointing out my spelling errors.

As is customary to drunk people I should point out that I love you guys! I really do. Talk to me about something. I don't care what. I'm drunk on expensive (but free) bullshit alcohol and it's late and i'm bored and i want to talk to you guys about i don't know what. Say something crazy whatever.


Tea and a joint is coming for me so I wont be too hung over tomorrow. I hope yo guys will still respect me in the morning! What are you up to?

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