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I'm So Embarrassed/Confused/Awkward Right Now

Oh dear.

So, I went to a bachelorette party this weekend. Great time! Good group of ladies. No drama, nobody got too drunk, great time had by all the friends.

So imagine the look on my face when one of the bartenders from the last bar we were at texts me a few minutes ago. O.O


(Miley Cyrus had the only appropriate reaction.)

Now, I have a boyfriend. Who I love very dearly. I have no memory of giving my number out. I remember talking to him about the amazing episode of Community that was on last week. "Nick Cage, good or bad?" A good laugh was had by all. But, Jesus.

I mean, why ISpeakJive??? WHY???

The good news is, is he was very nice about my total space on his name and where we had met. And obviously giving him my phone number.


Shame. So much shame for ISpeakJive today...


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