I just submitted my application to run a performance of the Vagina Monologues! I'm reading all the requirements and scripts and getting so giddy!

I'm still a little terrified that it will all fall apart, or that no one will audition, or that no one will come. Or that my schoolwork and research (I'm a grad student) will overwhelm me and I won't have time or fun doing this. But I wanted to do it last year and I didn't because I was scared, and I regret it, so I'm biting the bullet this year. I have a few friends who are interested in organizing it with me which helps too.

Does anyone have any experience or advice around this? I performed in the Vagina Monologues twice but I've never been involved in producing or directing it.

(Note: I recognize that Eve Ensler is... problematic is a good word for her. But I do think that the Vagina Monologues are incredibly powerful, and 90% of the money raised is going to a local domestic violence/women's shelter. And I'm just really pumped to talk about vaginas!)