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I'm so freaking domestic

I have off this weekend so of course I spent it cooking, because I clearly missed my calling in life. I ought to be cooking 24/7 because 1) it makes me happy and 2) it's delicious.

So let me brag about what I made! And then tell me what you've done lately that you feel deserves braggin' rights.

1. I made applesauce BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT IT'S FOR! I peeled, sliced, and cooked Jonagold apples, then mashed them with a spoon to make applesauce. Later this week I'm going to cook it in the crockpot with some apple cider, cinnamon, ginger, and brown sugar to make apple butter. This will be canned and given to people for Christmas gifts because I'm cheap and this looks so much more impressive than it is. It's like $10 plus the jars/lids and I can make presents for everyone. ETA: I also burned the holy heck out of my lip trying to sample boiling hot applesauce. Praying I don't end up with a blister.


2. I am making granola! It's sort of based off of this recipe, except I didn't use sesame seed oil, coconut shreds, or maple syrup because we're out of both...so I guess it's only really a tribute band of that recipe. I flavored it with honey and coconut oil and vanilla extract and it smells so good right now.

3. I am about to make an egg, bacon, and mushroom casserole. My mom just introduced me to this recipe and it's sort of like a crustless quiche.


4. Tomorrow, I am going to turn turkey broth and wild rice mix and turkey leftovers into turkey soup. OM NOM.


Note the screwdriver in the corner of the picture: when I cook, all sorts of household tools are utilized.

Alright, your turn!

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