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Im so mad and sad

Today when i was at a customer's house i noticed that their puppy had become a full grown dog and is in the same small cage. He is a golden retriever, in a cage for a puppy. He could not stand in the cage, he could not turn around in the cage. All he could do was lay there and cry.

The customer was not there, i have no idea how many hours that doggie has to be in that cage. If the customer was there i would have said something like "oh poor doggy you need a bigger cage" and hope that the customer over-hears it. I am not allowed to do anything for this poor dog and it is fucking killing me. I am not allowed to tell them that what they're doing is animal cruelty.

Why would you get a dog if you're going to keep it in a cage all day? Don't get a fucking dog if you have fancy things in your house you don't want to get ruined. Don't get a dog if you can't fucking pick up the trash so they don't get into it. Don't get a dog if you're going to throw them in a cage all day because you're never home.


Someday when suhhhiance and I can afford it, we're going to have like 5 doggies and a big fenced-in backyard. We are never going to own a cage, our house will be their house. They're going to be our kids.

You wouldn't put your cat in a box for 10 hours would you?? Some dogs are messy and get into trouble, so don't get one if you can't handle that- don't put them in a goddamn shitty little cage.

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