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I'm so mad I might explode

Bear with me as I explain this tale. A few weeks ago one of our local singers was invited to one of our radio stations. Apparently they have a tendency to pull pranks but she was assured they wouldn’t pull one this time. So this precious, 20 year old singer (her name is Moon, that’s how precious she is) who is just starting out on her very first tour is singing her song and as she does and closes her eyes, as she does. Upon opening them she sees standing before her, an enormous naked man.

You see. The makers of the show thought it’d be a funny prank to have a streaker in there so that when she opens her eyes she’s presented with the penis of a strange great big man! Funny! RIGHT?!


So she scares half to death, doesn’t know what the fuck is going on, whether this person burst in, is going to hurt her, belongs here, nobody says anything and bursts out crying. Literally crying. She’s SO scared. The DJ goes “oh no oh shit this was a prank, we set him up to do this, it’s a joke, oh shit, oh no you poor girl, oh no, oh shit.” and you hear her apologising for breaking out into tears “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what was going on, all of a sudden I open my eyes and I’m staring at this penis and I didn’t know what was happening and I was so scared! I’m never coming back here! Oh no just kidding kidding I’ll come back” and she’s apologising! FOR FUCKS SAKE. You can tell the legitimate fear in her voice and she’s apologising.

Now this is enough to want to set these guys on fire. But to make matters worse, this incident flew entirely under the radar for about 2 weeks until a local male musician comes across this audio snippit of her bursting out into tears, being just terrified and promptly calling the station out on twitter and calling all artists to boycot them. So the radio station and the dj’s give an “I’m sorry that the prank went wrong and you got scared” type of apology and then hold another live radio bit with the DJ AND HER where he goes “I’m so sorry that that prank went wrong and I just want to say sorry to you and I hope we can be friends going forward.” EXCUSE ME WAT


She’s professional and just says that off course they can and from now on she’ll just focus on her first studio tour going forward and put this incident behind her. And you can tell she feels intimidated. You can tell how much tighter her voice is than it usually is. This girl has been damaged. And no one. Is going to get any reprimands. No one. Nothing will happen.

Now maybe a year ago they could have claimed stupidity. A ‘we didn’t know’. But in the age of #metoo you cannot claim not to realise how freaking traumatising such a situation is. How.. HOW.. HOOOW can a person think that this is okay to do, after having even heard the whispers of how traumatising this is?!?! I’m FUMING. They took advantage of her. They traumatised her. They might have ruined her career for her (because how hard must it be for her to sing her songs, closing her eyes and getting caught up in them, without being reminded of this Every. Single. Time.). They don’t even properly apologise to her. And then they let HER get them out of the fire and intimidate her AGAIN.


And when I raged about this to boobieguy he just went “:( Oh well.. fucking radiostations..” NO. NO. THIS IS NOT AN OH WELL FUCKIN RADIOSTATIONS SITUATION. I know he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand the true fear and horror of such an experience and how this will haunt her. I know that. But he’s been the angriest person I’ve met when it comes to this and picked fights with his friends, defending metoo and calling people out. He’s a good allie (ally?) and this is something we shouldn’t accept! These people should be fired. They should be reprimanded. They should be put on hold. Made to pay fines. Somehow there should be an impact to their lives. Not accept this as one of those enormous things that make you go ‘well what can we do? we have no power over this’. We do! We can be angry! We can call it out! This show should loose it’s ratings! These DJs should loose their freaking jobs. SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

This. Is. Not. Okay.

I’m so angry. I don’t know how I’ll not be angry about this. Not at boobieguy necessarily, I’m angry at the people involved and the people just looking the other way and making it possible. He’s on his way home right now and we’re going to buy a christmas tree tonight. That’s the plan, we have to do it quick because he has band practice after. But that’s one of the happiest things to me and I don’t want to do it while I’m THIS MAD.

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