I love the little dude, I really do, but I'm often kind of an asshole to him.

He gets amped about fetch. He takes it very seriously. He even has a very specific bark to inform you that you are throwing things wrong, and get your shit together. He will literally toss toys at you with his mouth, or put the toy directly in your hand. It's serious business.

And yet, my favorite thing to do is to put my hands up and show him they are empty, asking where the toy is, even though it's right in front of me. Because he will pick it up and throw it closer to me. And then he gets kind of short pouncey. So I'll throw the toy short so he can jump up and catch it easily mid-air, and he'll get even more frustrated. Apparently I find his frustration entertaining. I'll throw it properly when I feel he's getting really annoyed, but I still feel like an asshole because I love the cute bugger so much and I'm so mean.