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So somehow the topic of abortion came up in my house right now, and my sister asked me if I was pro-choice or pro-life. I said, "OBVIOUSLY pro-choice," and she responded with, "Good!" GOOD. And she said that was her stance as well and said that she didn't understand why anyone would be against it. BLOWN. AWAY. I need to give her much more credit because I'm always so worried about her, but hot damn. I'm impressed! Apparently this is something they talked about in health class, so major kudos to her middle school/my former school district for not being afraid to discuss these topics.

I'm pretty sure I had no idea what abortion was when I was in 7th grade. Also, even when I first learned about what it was, I wasn't sure about my stance back then. My sister's going to do 1000x better in life than I ever will :P


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