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Welcome To The Bitchery

My boyfriend is not really a feminist. I try to make him into one. Don't get me wrong, he's not like, an MRA or serious misogynist or anything, but he doesn't get why slut shaming and body shaming and things of that nature are wrong. He doesn't understand why street harassment is so unsettling. He does get some pretty important aspects of feminism though.

So, now that you have the back ground, last weekend my car broke. I drive a 95 Chrysler LeBaron that has seen better days, but I love this car. It's cute, it's little, it's a convertible, it's zippy, it's cheap to fill up the gas tank and generally pretty easy and cheap to maintenance. I broke the power steering pump and pulley, though, which is a pretty costly fix because you have to basically pull the entire engine to get to those parts. My boyfriend and his friends are really into cars and he has some mechanic friends. So I ask him if he can get me some numbers so I can call around and see how much it'll cost to fix it and weigh my options. He called a friend to get a number and told him what had happened. The friend said he'd call the guy and tell him what was going on and see what he would need to make an estimate. He called my boyfriend back and told him to send the guy some pictures of the damage and he'd call us. My boyfriend asked if he could give this guy my number and the guy flips. "Why can't you just talk to him? What does she have to say about it that you can't?" basically "She's a girl so she obviously doesn't know anything about what she's talking about when it comes to cars". My boyfriend replies back, with a TONE "Because it's her fucking car and she wants to take care of it. She knows what's wrong with it, she knows what she can spend to get it fixed, she just needs to know if it's worth it, so give your guy her number or we'll go somewhere else." They hang up, and my boyfriend is pissed. He's been complaining about it the past few days and I'm just kind of shoulder shrugging it off (the guy kind of has a point, I don't know a whole lot about cars), because hey, as far as misogynist statements go, I've heard much worse. It really feels nice to know that he will stick up for me in situations like that, and not because he thinks I won't be able to handle it myself, but because it's wrong and disrespectful and just because I'm female doesn't mean I deserve to be treated like an idiot. He's such a good guy.


The guy who was supposed to call me never did. He didn't call my boyfriend either. One of our friends is currently working on it and it should be up and running Monday for a lot cheaper then any one else would have done the work for. I really like being treated like a person.

PS. I know I stopped with the kitty updates but he's back to being a shitty little asshole, so YAY!

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