I'm still unemployed, but I was just approved for an emergency extension of benefits, which will buy me another 3 or 4 months until I can get another job.

I also realized that while I've been upset about not having a job, a big part of it was just anxiety about money. It's only within the last month or so I've been really torn up about being unemployed, and that coincided with the last month of my original benefits. I was really worried I wouldn't be eligible for an extension, and the anxiety was almost literally killing me. Do I wish I had a job? Hell yes, mostly because I hate the feeling of not being A Productive Member of Society. But otherwise, I think I'm going to be okay. I have gardening and selling at the farmers market to keep me entertained, plus I've been looking into volunteering.

You have no idea how much of a weight this is off of my shoulders.