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i'm so sick of apples

other-husband and i just spent 4 days at my best friends house, sorting, peeling, chopping, cooking, and canning apples.

about 3 weeks ago, we took the whole circus and went apple picking. bestie and i pooled our resources, and came up with $100, which was enough for 2 1/2 bushels of apples (about 110 pounds of apples). i took one 1/2 bushel bag right away, and made applesauce that night, and she took the rest home with her.

we were planning to go down to her place that next weekend and do all the canning then, but i got sick and all that crap happened, so we didn't get to go until this past Monday. sadly, not all of the apples made it. we probably had to throw out about 10-15 pounds worth that were just too far gone to do anything with.


so anyway, we made and canned: 10 4oz jars and 6 half-pints apple butter, 6 half-pints apple-raisin conserve, cinnamon apple slices (8 quarts and 4 pints) and syrup (4 pints), brandied apple rings (4 pints and 8 12oz jars) and syrup (4 12oz jars), and 12 4oz jars and 4 half-pints apple-maple jam. she had a crockpot full of apples when we left that she's going to can as sauce for herself, and i ended up with nearly a full bushel coming home with me that i'm going to make and can as applesauce in quarts.

i'm so sick of the smell, taste, and feel of apples right now, that it's not even funny. it'll be at least a month before i can bring myself to eat any of this stuff!

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