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I'm so sick of doctors (Health update possible TNI

(Possible TMI)

So, some of you know I asked you guys for some advice...regarding my lady bits, which had been doing that whole bleeding thing for three weeks:


So, I went to the doctor. Doctor gave me some BC, and it has reduced my bleeding to weird pinkish spotting. They did bloodwork. So, I get a call from doctor's nurse today.

"So you should probably start taking an iron supplement because you are slightly anemic." Makes sense. However, anemia is not the cause of my bleeding! So I ask, "So, my bloodwork didn't show anything else?" She says, "Oh, no. Your thyroid is good. You aren't pregnant. All of your levels are normal..." There is nothing about, "Hey. Maybe you should come back in and we'll do a pelvic, and see what's going on or we can do this..." Nothing. Not one fucking thing.

Why is it that fucking doctors are the only ones who get away with this bullshit? This is exactly why I didn't want to go in the first place. I've been going to numerous gynecologists over the past two years trying to figure out why I can't get pregnant, and the response is always, "...Oh, well I want you to spend way more money then you actually have for the test that won't come back with any abnormal results, then I'm going to just shrug and say LOL DUNNO like a huge fucking moron without offering any fucking solutions." Why does my health not fucking matter to these people? Why does no one care enough to even do a follow up to see what's wrong with me? There is a reason why this is happening to me, and none of my doctors give enough of a shit to discover why. Is it because I'm fat? Because I'm a woman with gynecological problems, and since I'm not pregnant I just don't fucking matter? Why do I not matter enough to people that I am paying?

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