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I'm so stressed out

First of all, I want to apologize for not responding to any comments on last night's post. I went to bed right after and was away doing bridesmaid stuff from 7:30 this morning until about half an hour ago (9 pm here). Second of all, I just received a packet from my dental school indicating that along with all the immunizations we need (and that I knew about like 2 months ago), we need to have a Hepatitis B titer test. The thing is, I just got this packet and all our immunization forms are due July 1st. Even if I get this titer test ASAP, the lab doesn't send back test results until like a week after, right? So how the fuck am I supposed to get in this test result by July 1st? All the forms we've received about immunization say that if everything isn't in by July 1st, our school registration will be withheld. So I'm freaking out.

Third of all, I HATE blood tests. I know they're inevitable, but the thought of having a blood test makes me anxious and I'm crying about it because I really, truly hate blood tests and having needles stuck for more than 2 seconds in my arm. I'm dreading this.


I don't know...I just don't feel good right now. Like I said for the 100th time, I'm really terrified of having blood drawn and I can't stop thinking about it and about how I could possibly get these results to the immunization office in on time. I know I'll call tomorrow to see if they'll give us an extension on this dumb test since we JUST received a letter about it a week before everything is due.

I just want to throw up. I'm so upset and stressed out :'(

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