Good morning everyone.

It has recently come to my attention that I have made some comments towards others that while I thought were awesome compliments, were actually hurting people.

When I heard this, it broke my heart. For as much pain I put myself through in life, I never ever would want to inflict it on others. It makes me feel absolutely terrible. :(

I’m so very freaking sorry for hurting people in this community. It is honestly the last thing I’d ever want to do.

Unfortunately, since I’m still so very early on in my own journey, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have etiquette nailed down just yet, but I will promise that I will try my best not to hurt anyone.


And now I know that a compliment that I really like (because it makes me feel like I can pass) does not translate well to everyone else. Lesson learned, I’ll file it to the list of things I should avoid.

Furthermore, when I’m saying something that can potentially hurt people, please please please tell me about it, do not let me keep on doing it. And especially do not be scared to tell me about it.

And please don’t make a burner account just to give me advice, it makes me feel like that I must be such an unreasonable asshole that the only way to give me a heads up is to do it as an anon. No, I actually like when people teach me new things. I will not call you a Terf, I will not call you Transphobic. :(


So again, I so apologize GT...and will take any penalizing that comes with my behaviour.

ETA Evening Bump: Thank you everyone for all of the responses. <3 I’m still incredibly depressed today, but mostly because I’m moving out...and I still have to face my mom tonight. Hopefully you’ll see a much happier post from me tomorrow.