Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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i'm sorry about the trending post but it's pretty hilarious tbh

200+ notifications today, which never happens. Almost all of them are from this post I wrote over a year ago, which is now trending because it got linked in a ‘best of’ thread on reddit yesterday (the guy had deleted the original post). And people are really pissed off at me!

why do so many people think I got paid to write that? One guy literally said that it was incredibly unethical of me, “a person who gets paid to write on the internet” (!!!!!!!!!!!), to link to reddit on “a high-traffic site” like GT (???)


even if I was employed by Gawker, and even if that “article” had been specifically written to take down reddit (another accusation)... how would that even work? I’m so confused. There’s a lot of mad conspiracy theories in my inbox and they’re pretty interesting but also incomprehensible.

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