But you guys, I miss my mom so, so much tonight. The post I wrote about my dad and his will, and Kittyinthecity's post about The Body, and some Bad Decisions I made earlier and the addition of some vodka all have me feeling like an orphaned 5 year old. I was 45 when she died and I'm 47 now and I still feel like I just need my mom.

I was lucky that a few of my friends had already lost their parents (and yes I really do get how horrible it is that their grief was to my benefit) but they really got it. I remember telling my one friend I was so sorry for any lack of empathy I might have had when her mom died, because until you lose a parent that you love, you just can't really get it.

Anyway. I'm sorry, I'm feeling very self-indulgent these days. My mom was the best, and cliche or not she was the glue that held my family together. I miss her like I'd miss a limb.