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I'm sorry I always use you for venting, GT

I mean, sorrynotsorry. I just have a couple things that I want to get off my chest in a place where people actually understand why these things are bringing me down. That sand cat post from O-deck really helped soothe me before I started this though, so that’s pretty awesome.

Thing one: My friend’s husband claims to have been falsely accused of rape twice in his past. This isn’t something that we talk about all the time or that he had told me about. My friend has brought it up a couple times in conversation and while she considers herself a feminist, it’s only recently that she has, and her attitude is basically lying-bitch-false-accusation. She claims that in one instance, the woman in question had a shrink who told her that if it feels like rape, it was rape. My thought is basically there’s a really good chance that what he did falls under the umbrella of rape, although I understand that my friend wouldn’t want to admit that to herself. It just makes me uncomfortable the times it has come up. I just don’t really think I have anyone in my personal life who would get why this is an issue.


Things two and three kind of tie in together. Thing two: The other day Mr.BT came up to me and said, “You know, I had a thought, [all lives matter].” I shut him down pretty hard, then he was mildly upset because he couldn’t express an opinion in the safe space of his home to his wife. I told him that if those opinions are racist or sexist (yep, that’s happened too) then, no, that’s not gonna fly with me. I haven’t been feeling particularly affectionate toward him lately, so I wasn’t even trying to sugar coat it.

Thing three, naturally, was on Facebook. An acquaintance (that I slept with a couple times) posted some shit about “why isn’t anyone saying it was a black guy that shot the news crew?” with a whitelivesmattertoo hashtag. I was making this face:

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There was a little circle-jerk going on in the comments and I couldn’t help but ask if they get upset that there’s no White History Month too.

AND THEN IT GOT BETTER. Someone said something to the effect of “Don’t worry, tomorrow it will be about the gun.” Because naturally, they’re all gun nuts too. Acquaintance posted a still of the first person video and said as soon as he saw it, he knew Glock would be under attack. Fuck you, dude. If you see a picture of a person moments before they are shot to death and your sympathy goes to the GUN, you’re a fucking psychopath.


I only mentioned that I slept with this asshole because the woman he is now married to was his girlfriend at the time. This shit makes me want to ruin his life.

Bonus crap: I just washed some hair dye out of my hair and L’Oreal and I have very different opinions on what “soft violet black” should look like.


Thanks for letting me vent, y’all. I will try to repay you by being a helpful commenter more often.

ETA: There was one other sane person in the racist/gun humping thread and I let her know I liked her style.

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