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I'm sorry - I can't hear you over the screaming of my ovaries.

It's Saturday morning, which means the various Yard Sale pages I follow are overflowing with furniture and DIY projects and bebe clothing.

I've seen no fewer than than 4 dressers that would make killer projects for a nursery. A really cute corner cabinet. A beautiful old mirror that would be the bee's knees sanded down and painted Tiffany blue.


Guys. I seriously need somewhere to put my creative energy because I see all of this stuff, and how gorgeous it is outside, and my ovaries start beating a tattoo against my brain. "BUY FURNITURE...MAKE BABY...BABY NEEDS FURNITURE."

It's really quite sick. I want to nest and we're nowhereeeee near being able to even start making the thing that would require nesting, since hubs has just come to the realization and agreement that he needs to see a therapist for his bipolar.

I just...wah. :( Maybe I should start refinishing stuff as an outlet and sell it as a side job?

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