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Costco had corned beef briskets today. I completely missed them last year and was so sad. I grabbed 3 today and am going to push my husband to get a freezer for the garage this week. I’m not saying I just want more room to stash enough corned beef for the rest of the year, but...

So I have corned beef in a crockpot and potatoes baking. I like to scoop them out for mashed potatoes and then you have potato skins too. I got a small cabbage, so I will colcannon some of the mashed potatoes. For Colcannon, I will cook some chopped bacon in a pan, add chopped cabbage until wilted and then mix that into the potatoes with some cheddar cheese.

I also found a marked down roast, so I threw that in the other crock pot with a jar and a half of salsa. I will shredd it and then re-heat it later in the week with some beef broth and green chillies. If my husband is nice, I will fry that in some tortillas and let him take chimichungas to work. Otherwise, they are kick ass tacos.


We got Mr. Moxie’s bonus which looks like it will go to taxes, a fence around the back yard, and a freezer. I will be so much better at this dinner thing when we have more freezer room. I love to get 3-4 things ready on the weekend so that I only have to do 3-4 steps to have a good healthy dinner during the week. I subscribe to OnceaMonthMeals.com, but I haven’t used it since we moved because I don’t have any room in the freezer. The fridge here looks the same size, but the freezer seems much smaller.

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