That maybe I should quit smoking. Perhaps. I don't know, I'm sick of not being able to breathe.

I at least want to cut down as I think I'm up to a pack a day (NOT. GOOD.). If I can get down to a pack a week I'll be happy.

I don't know how to do this. I've quit a million times, it feels. Nothing worked/lasted. Cold turkey didn't work at all, the patch almost gave me nicotine poisoning, and the e-cig didn't help AT ALL. The only thing that ever worked was when I tried Chantix, the anti-depressant turned quitting smoking pill. It worked really well, but I used it before I had my seizures, and apparently you're not supposed to take it if you have any kind of seizure disorder. Do you think I should speak to my doctor and see if he says it's ok for me to try that pill again? I'm also thinking of trying the gum considering that chewing gum is usually what I do when I can't smoke as it is, so maybe it'll help?

I don't want to tell anyone IRL that I'm trying to quit because they get annoying. Everyone's heard me say it a million times and I know they're gonna be up my ass about it and release hell on me if I fail/slip up, so that's why I'm coming to GT. I just...cancer runs in my family, and I can't fucking breathe and my teeth are getting yellow and I just feel like it's time. Like I said, baby steps - I want to start with cutting down. I feel like it'll be easier to quit entirely if I'm only smoking a pack a week as opposed to a pack a day.

Help Jezzies :(

ETA: When I say I can't breathe, I mean through my nose. I have horrendous allergies to begin with, smoke being one of them, so smoking makes my nose super stuffed. My lungs are fine - at worst I get winded easily and my cardio is kinda crappy (which is awful but nowhere near emphysema awful).