On Friday last week I went to look at an apartment on my mom's behalf, because the leasing agency/broker apparently only does showings from like 4 to 5 pm on weekdays. Ooooohhkaaaayy….whatever, it was my day off and I figured every other potential applicant would be at their 9 to 5 job. Apartment seems decent so I meet my mom after work to give her the info she needs to go and do the application. She goes in to their office at 11am saturday morning and does the application, puts down the application fee, etc. They say it usually only takes three to four days to get an answer. Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday go by and they ask for a photo of her ID and a photo of her dog to show that she's under the weight limit. Done. Wednesday Thursday still no decision. Friday morning they tell her the decision will be made that day. Finally at 4pm they email her telling her she got the apartment. I go ahead and book a cheap mover for Sunday (Mr and I are out of town next weekend and we ALL work during the week). Their office closes at 4:30 pm so obviously she'll have to come in Saturday. I go with her. She hands over her checks and gets a receipt and the phone number of the maintenance guy for that building so we can call him and arrange to pick up keys. My mom leaves him a voicemail at like 1pm. We go hang out at my house for a few hours. We go for lunch. We decide to walk over to the building and see if we can find the maintenance guy on site. No luck. So around 3:15 she calls him again and gets an answer. He can't meet her today or tomorrow, but how about Monday at noon? Right? 'Cause it's not like she works for a living or anything. uuuugghhh. Whatever. It's a mile from my apartment and I don't have to leave for work until 1:30, I'll pick the keys up and take them home so my mom or Mr can take them and start getting shit moved one way or another.