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I'm staying

Thank you to everyone for giving wonderful advice about if I should stay or go. I was leaning toward going, except that it would $500 a month that I could be saving.

We talked tonight and I felt that I was being heard. It came to me really being on the fence, so no use getting into a 12-month lease when there's some relationship progress. I think he does see my attitude toward things, which is mainly wanting him to talk to me, and, honestly, to have sex more often.


I'm willing to be patient and give the space, because it's still worth it to me to be in the relationship. I think he will try, but I'm still afraid that there's something underlying to a lack of sexual interest that I don't understand.

I realize that I don't sound terribly excited, but I think I'm just emotionally exhausted, and ultimately OK with waiting out another month or so.

I do want to thank everyone for commenting. I appreciate the support!

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