Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery


FreeSampleThief has been ridiculously nice to me, helping me out of the depression state I was in. It's been so bad I couldn't even bear to face my GT family : (

But, I've taken up running as a way to maybe help with the depression and I finally found a new therapist who has upped my meds. I'm hoping the combination will help me get better. I'm also going to force myself to come here, especially when I feel down, because you guys are so wonderful.


Does anyone else run to help them feel better? I've found that putting on earbuds and taking off for a while turns my brain off, and shuts the 'black dog' up for a bit. I'm still struggling for sure, but it seems to be helping a little more every day. I'm just wondering if anyone else finds it to be helpful.

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